No More Bets Film: Deters 85% of Chinese Tourists in ASEAN

No More Bets Film: An interesting study on Weibo found that 85% of 54,000 Chinese people said they didn’t want to visit ASEAN countries. It is because the recent hit Chinese action movie “No More Bets” made them more afraid of safety. This movie has been a big hit since it came out in August. It has made people stay away from Southeast Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.

No More Bets Film: In many difficult ways, the movie changed how people saw ASEAN:

No More Bets Film: Deters 85% of Chinese Tourists in ASEAN

Others say that the controversial way Thailand was shown in “No More Bets” makes all Southeast Asian countries look bad. The story of the movie goes deep into the underworld and shows illegal things like call centers, blackmail gangs, organ trade, and trafficking of people. This makes people from China who want to travel even more scared and worried about their safety.

What People Don’t Understand About Social Media: A Cultural Crossroads

Adding to the trouble is the fact that the movie wasn’t shot in Thailand. Some parts of Weibo use Thai, which has caused confusion. The Thai government is working hard to clear up these mistakes with the Chinese government. They want to show that the movie isn’t based on real events and that Thailand is always committed to keeping guests safe.

No More Bets Film: Changing how tourism works:

Thailand’s strong tourist business has always relied on China as a key source market. But China Trading Desk’s poll of travel views every three months shows a clear shift. Thai people don’t choose to go there as much as they used to. Before the pandemic, 11 million Chinese tourists made up more than a quarter of all arrivals. Now, things are very different.

Numbers On Tourism And New Projections:

The numbers tell you a lot about the real affects. This year, only 3.5 million Chinese tourists came to Thailand. This is a lot less than the five million that were supposed to come. The second-largest economy in Southeast Asia now only expects 3.4 to 3.5 million Chinese tourists in 2023. This is because of how things have changed. This shows how “No More Bets” has changed the number of tourists in real life.

Building Bridges Through Communication: With all the problems, the Thai government needs to step up and clear up any confusion while also increasing safety measures. Countries need to work together to win back the trust of potential Chinese tourists. They need to understand that how the media presents people has a big impact on how people feel about traveling.

No More Bets Film: The Bigger Picture: A Thought on How the Media Affects People:

It’s clear from this that the connection between the media and tourists is not simple. The countries involved need to do more than just deal with pressing problems. They need to work together to shape the story. This will lessen the impacts of “No More Bets” and help these once-popular vacation spots become more appealing again.

They are scared to visit ASEAN countries because they don’t feel safe there. This is an example of how the media can have many effects. This is a problem for the tourism business. Each country needs to deal with its own important issues, but they also need to work together to change the story and make these culturally rich and diverse travel spots more appealing.