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Base jumping is a highly dangerous activity. It can result in serious injury or death. Please, visit the BASE fatality list (external website) and do not involve yourself in any base jumping activities without thinking any potential consequence through. Think long and hard. We do not encourage you to take up this activity.

We can not and will not guarantee the correctness of the information on this website. The authors of these documents accept no responsibility, financially or otherwise for any loss, serious injury or death that occurs as a result of any person deciding to make a base jump.

All activities described on this website, regardless of them being regular base jumps, wingsuit flights or similar, are extremely dangerous. Performing, or trying to imitate or mimic the activities described on this website without the proper training, or becoming an expert skydiver and completing dedicated training (like First Jump Courses) will likely result in injury or death.
Even with the correct training, these activities are extremely dangerous.

You and nobody else are responsible for your own safety and actions.

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(I) And again, as a visitor of this website, you do recognize that base jumping is considered a high-risk activity. You are responsible for your own actions. That means you alone. Inform yourself. Educate yourself. If in doubt, stay away from base jumping. Don’t become a name on the BASE Fatality List. Just don’t.

Thanks for reading this. Now, be responsible and do have a nice day.