Jumping here Rule 4: Transportation.

You are welcome to use your own transportation up the mountain where the hiking starts. But every time you do so, you MUST contact the SBK staff before you go up. The staff need to know:
• How many jumpers are on the mountain.
• How many will be in need of boat transport back to Lysebotn. If you do not tell SBK that you are going up, you may not have a seat on the boat!

And just to clarify: If you’re not a big wall climber, there’s no way of getting out of the landing zone without a boat. Therefore the SBK operates two boats; one rescue boat (the red inflatable boat) to assist jumpers who land in water, and at least one boat to ferry jumpers from the Geitaneset LZ back to Lysebotn. During the heli boogie extra boats will be in service.