Jumping here Tracking Course

Tracking course for beginners.

Tracking is an essential skill for terminal base jumping and Kjerag is one of the best places in the world to learn it in base environment.
Therefore, we at SBK Base have created a course, with the purpose to give jumpers the knowledge of to track fast, far and safe.
The course includes theory, jumps with video footage captured from the exit and/or air-to-air footage; briefing and debriefing.
Theory starts on Monday at 19:00 and we jump from Tuesday until Thursday. During this course we usually do from 4 to 6 jumps.

To participate in our Tracking Course you must have a minimum of 15 base jumps and be a qualified jumper according to the rules we have for jumping at Kjerag. This includes having at least 250 skydives.
You also have to be familiar with your track suit and have skydived with it at least 15 times before attending the course.

To book a slot, please contact our instructor Dustin at lust4lifebiglove@gmail.com
A maximum of 4 slots are available at each course date.

Price: 4000 NOK