Jumping here First Jump Course.

In the past decade, hundreds of jumpers have participated in our ‘First Jump Course’ at Kjerag. During this time, we have developed one of the world’s best base courses for terminal jumping. The course is a short specific course focusing at big wall jumping from Kjerag, but we will also introduce the whole aspect of base jumping. To learn how to basejump from all kind of fixet objects is a long road, and the best way to learn is to hook up with other experienced jumpers that can mentor you further on the way.
We have unique device for exit training, the Pendulator. A device that allowing you to make a simulated base exit with a high degree of realism. You are jumping from a height of approx. 9 meters (30 feet). A system of ropes will catch your fall in the same way a canopy will open. The Pendulator allows you to do many exits in a very short time. In one hour, you can do 10 training exits. Utilizing this device, we’ve seen an 80-90 percent improvement of the number of properly executed actual exits at Kjerag.

Courses start on Fridays at 4 pm every second weekends from mid May an continues  in June, July and August and to September. To be sure to secure a slot, we suggest that you to contact the main instructor by e-mail and make an appointment with him. see http://stavangerbase.com/about-us/board-instructors/

To participate in our ‘First Jump Course’ you must qualify by the rules we have for jumping at Kjerag, including having at least 250 skydives. Base-jumping is a dangerous sport and we won’t let anyone participate in our course unless they qualify. It is for your own safety that we adhere strictly to this policy.

Many jumpers do not have specific base equipment to jump with. The simple rule is: You will not be allowed to jump with skydiving gear at Kjerag, nor will you be allowed to use Velcro gear. SBK Base has invested in, and proudly uses Apex BASE gear, which is available for rent.

For your own good, you should adequately prepare yourself before you begin basejumping.

A few steps to get you started:

• You should practice accuracy with a big 7-cell canopy when skydiving, by doing at least 10-20 jumps. There is a huge difference between flying a high performance skydiving canopy and a BASE canopy. We have seen some bad landings because jumpers did not acclimatize themselves to a bigger 7-cell canopy.

• Practice your tracking skills. Tracking is one of the most important issues when basejumping high cliffs like Kjerag. The further away you get from the cliff, the safer you will be when the canopy opens. If you have tracking pants and top, we suggest you skydive wearing these 80-100 times before coming here. Do this and, trust us, you will be tracking like a pro in no time.

• When coming to Kjerag, plan to stay for 14 days. This allows you not only to go through the course, but also to get some jumping experience. You could be quite disappointed if you planned to stay only a few days, being grounded due to bad weather, and then don’t get to jump much, maybe even not at all! The longer you stay, the better are your chances of getting lots of jumps, and then you will be more prepared when you return home to charge the castle on other objects.

• Take a first aid course. Basejumping is a dangerous activity that can result in serious injuries or even death. A first aid course will help you or your friends in a critical situation.

• Prepare your family. Before you start your base career, explain to your family what you are doing and why. Make sure they understand your wishes in case of emergency, such as “do not resuscitate” or “donate organs”. It is also essential to have health and life insurance. A living will is also a good idea. In case the worst happens; your wishes will be known and carried out.

BE PREPARED for the most exhilarating experience of your life! Few words can describe the experience of leaping off a cliff, but is understood and loved by basejumpers all around the world. Trust us, after your first jump, life will never be the same again.