About us General Information.

Kjerag is located in the south-western part of Norway, close to the coast, so the weather can be quite variable. In the morning it could be sunny with no wind, but in the afternoon it could be rainy and windy. Also, the temperature can vary a lot, from 20-25 degrees Celsius (68 to 77 F.) down to 10-15 degrees Celsius (50 to 59 F.) in a day or two. You should bring clothing for these varying conditions when visiting Norway.

The trail up the cliff can be wet and muddy, so an extra pair of boots and cargo pants can come in handy. Make sure your boots are well broken in before you come to Norway. Bad blisters can result from new shoes and can hamper your enjoyment of the hike to the top. Lightweight rain gear such as pants and top or poncho can make the difference between a comfortable hike in the rain, or being miserable. The hike takes about two hours and is a bit strenuous. You will sweat a lot, so bring a good supply of socks and underwear. Additionally, layering clothes is usually the most effective method of dressing, using a lightweight under layer for warmth, a breathable middle layer to keep you comfortable, and a wind/rain resistant top layer to keep you dry. This is especially helpful on rainy and windy hikes.
Lysebotn is a very small place, there is no ATM and no food store etc. Make sure you are well prepared, Bring everything you need for your stay.

At the campground you will find laundry facilities to wash and dry your clothes. These machines are coin operated and use 10 NOK coins, 30 NOK to wash and 30-60 NOK to dry. Be sure to bring a supply of coins with you. You can also get change from the café, if necessary, but it’s best to bring your own and be prepared as they may not have many coins.