Helicopter Boogie
Kjerag, Norway

Registration is open! • Boogie Dates: June 19 'til June 22 • SBK Base
Heliboogie 2019

SBK Base

If SBK Base didn't already exist, we would probably have to invent it.

Jumping Kjerag

Kjerag is one of the world's most active and well known sites for basejumping. Since 1994 we have logged more than 50,000 jumps. Five rules apply to keep the mountain open:

Video/photo galleries

We are not much for bragging, but it's highly likely that Kjerag is the most beautiful and awesome place to jump in the entire world. Proof of this may be found here...

A word of warning:

If you're already an active jumper, you will be familiar with this message.
If you're just curious about base – please, consider the warning below carefully.

Finding that Kjerag place...

Kjerag is located near the tiny village of Lysebotn with a population of 6.
Look on the map for the town of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway.